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I was born in Moldova, which is a very small country between Romania and Ukraine. I graduated Art College there and got my first bachelors degree in 2003. After I moved to Ukraine to study art at University and got  my second bachelors degree in 2008. Since that time and during my studies I participated in exhibitions in Moldova and Ukraine and had 7 solo exhibitions in Ukraine.


I chose to be an artist in a childhood. I do not have any stories about how this happened. Once I asked my mother, about her opinion, what profession can fit my character and my nature. She answered, that I can do whatever I want to, because I could  easily learning new things. So I chose to be an artist because I enjoy creating art and because it’s the most difficult and complicated thing and always brings fresh results. Creating art is not just the brain working, or just hands - brain, hands and subconscious together - and this mix can bring really interesting results.

I have a lot of different interests in my life. From early childhood I observed people's behavior. I tried to understand what  it means - a good person or a bad person and how close these affirmations are to reality.

I like to know everything about the places where I am living, about city, state, country, about our planet and universe. I like observing wildlife around me and try to understand logic in wild animals behavior. I like observing how plants grow and grow them from seeds, it’s like a magic for me. I follow information about whats happening with our planet, natural events.


And I like sport, it’s my second love after art. I go biking as long as I remember myself. Climbing trees in childhood transform to climbing walls. I like archery, snowboarding, water sports - paddle boarding and kayaking. I enjoy sport, but never try to do it for some kind of competition. For me sport is for having fun and joy.


I immigrate to the United States in 2015 and this country amazed me with its wildlife. I never saw anything like this. Lands which are under protection for more than 100 years, opportunity for wild animals to exist and have their own space for habitat. And opportunity for me to observe all of this. I like a lot of things about this country. It can fulfill any wish, but you need to work and study a lot. You can be whatever you want to be here.

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