To be Right

Updated: May 16, 2019

Why so important for people to be right?

Usually I observe a lot of really strange stories, when people prefer to be right without thinking about consequences. I think, more important things should win this competition.


Something like - maybe I am right, but I prefer to be a live, to be happy or not upset anyone, without real reason.

Actually I do not understand why it’s so important, why relatives, parents, siblings, friends stop talking with each over, just because one of them or both decided, that they are right and his/her opponent should accept this information. All that stories looks so strange for me and probably, I will never understand this idea or wish - to be right in top of everything. I prefer to be wrong, but usually I am right, because I observe and information make this - to be right, more possible. But it did not make me happy, usually just sad, because I can not change anything. If I tell about fact, that the action will cause a reaction, usually, this just will make that person angry.


And I understand why, I will be angry too, in situation like this. Why? Because, life is a journey and all this advices, spoil the intrigue. And actually bad experience always good after emotions calm down. Main thing to be brave. So, everyone life is there own journey and only that one, who have this life, know, what is right for him/her. And even if it’s a mistake, from different point of view. But it’s just small part of his/her life and it depend, that this person desire, may be he/she want to be unhappy or cry or believe in fairytales.

Actually, you can only choose how close you want to be to this person.


I had a story about this topic from my childhood. I was 5 years old, that was very important decision for my family in that moment, what dramatically changed everything. I said, that decision was wrong, nobody listened, I cried all evening, but that was not my decision, even if I was part of that family, in that moment. And she did not made a mistake, she just have different desire, then I did. I learned from that situation, that in my grownup life I will do my best to fulfill my dreams and plans. But, everyone else, life are only their own choice. And even if, that was the closest person, in that moment, I could only cry and be sad for another 17 years to see a consequences and after to deal with guilt. I learned from that story, that we have the most important people, at the moment of birth, in our life, in best case scenario. But, they can have different desires and it’s just how all this work. Then you grow up, you will have chance, to make a choice, who your beloved one will be, make sure he/she have same desires or what fit yours.

Actually, I have a lot of stories from my period of guilt, when I tried to save everyone. Did not worked, what a surprise. Actually, did not work because, when someone started listen and do that I say, after success, they asked, what next, and I realized, that do it in a first place was a mistake. It’s like start live someone life. Or in case of mistake, blamed me. So, all this, the right thing in someone life - big mistake to even think this way. Or if it's your desire to help people, choose a profession, to fix people, this way it can work.


So, I conquered my guilt and returned to my favorite state of mind - observer.

Main conclusion: everyone have different characters, different desires and there is, that one, who like to be right. Even, if I do not understand this one, I should respect that people. But if person with - be right desire, actually wrong, I will definitely start this dispute, for fun of course. But main point to show that there is no 100 percent right in everything, just not possible. There are a lot of situations, when, there is no right choice or a lot of right choices, depend on circumstances and people, who involved and their desires. And we all make mistakes time to time, it is way how we learn. So nothing wrong with mistakes, just make a conclusion and move on. #toberight