Lie or Alternative Reality

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

One day I decided, that lie is an alternative reality.

Truth and Lie

I observed people, who did not believe in truth, only in lie, that was a sad experience. Person, who always in alternative reality.

Invented life stories, to protect or help a child have a better life. And a lot of strange stories based on fears to tell the truth.

In early childhood I tried to lied once and find out how difficult is to make a story fit to reality. So in that moment I understood, that truth take less energy, basically need just have a good memory. So I am just lazy to lie, too much energy just to make one story work. So long time ago I understood, that lie too complicated and I decided to believe to everyone. And in cases, when I meet people, who lives in alternative reality, basically liars, observe them for a while, from distance.

Who is Who

But this topic can be really interesting, when you find out that your life story is an alternative reality story, created special for you. And... that next? How to live with this information. That to do with existed relatives, who are not really your relatives, but you do not have different, because in this alternative reality they are your relatives. And how to find way to understand people, who invented this story and protected this alternative reality during all your life. But I completely understand why. And that fact, that all this story probably saved life, because now different time, but not so long time ago, society was different and a lot of thing was different. So, in every situation there is: time, culture, society, relatives and a lot of different thing what could effect story. My conclusion - don't judge stories from the past, don't judge that you can not see. It’s still a lie, really big one, but if people around was so crazy, that this story took place, I am really sorry for that mother, who had to protect her child this way. My main point is - there is a truth, and with all this alternative realities, you just make things complicated, because consciously or subconsciously you or people, who knows the truth, will tell it anyway. And if you lie to close people, this means something definitely wrong.

When someone lie to me, situations like this upset me a lot. My first thought: what I did wrong to deserve it, but most of the times, they are just pathological liars. There is no right or wrong with this people, just who they are. Some of them really happy, when looks like their lie is working, and I can see glory and happiness on their faces, so sad. Small lies upset less of course, but anyway, thought: what I did wrong to deserve it, still here.

So, actually I really like to observed people behavior, but it’s too complicated with liars. I did try to pick out harmless liars, but it did not work. If person lie, he/she just a lier and you are in or out his/her alternative reality life, in other way, no way to understand lier, because reality actually different.

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