Fear or Challenge

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

You are not alone, your fears always with you.

I prefer to fight them, someone prefer to protect them. It depend, what your goal is. I was fearless in a childhood, adults did not talk much with kids in that days, so I did not know that does it mean. I spend a lot of time in my childhood with my grandma, explore world around me. Only one fear I had in that time, that was thunderstorm, because of the sound and idea that it can destroy something, usually that was just electricity. I still do not like unexpected loud noises, but now, I just do not like them.

Cord Cutting

But from that time, a lot of things changed and I discovered, that I have fears. First that was an attempt to teach me how to swim, but it was such a tangled story. A man tried to be a father to both daughters in a same time, only one daughter did not know, in that time, that he is her father and worried, that he will save his daughter first in case of emergency. So that was a meeting with biggest fear - fear of death and it sticks to swimming. I spent 20 years to beat this one. After that, I discovered, that there is two types of fears: one about action, second about not really existed things. So, first - action fears, you can beat with exercises, second with information. But it took me a lot of year of been with a lot of different fears and to understand this.

But that was my goal, to find that fearless girl inside me again.


Actually I started observe people, after I find out, that they are reason of changes and all that new fears inside me, in that moment. And I did not like that changes at all and that fact, that people share fears instead of something nice with child, who just start learning how this world work, that was strange experience. Actually, all my teenager time plus some time after that, I was in shock of people actions around me, and had an idea that something wrong or with me or with them. Now I know, it’s culture, so if you choose to visit East Europe, just remember, they have problem with thinking logical and they have problem with emotions, so they drink a lot. So... adults in my childhood and teenage time preferred to be monsters.


One thing worked really good, I questioned their words, but fears actually stuck, because I did not have answers, in that moment. But, I remembered from my early childhood experience and time with my grandma, there are people who can share good feelings and bring peace of mind with them, in my life. I believed, that I can find more people like my grandma. And I did, after I found answers to my imposed fears. So, the main questions are what you want and that inside you.

Do you want protect your fears or find way how to understand them and let them go.

Do you want make your fears part of you personality and excuse for not to do something or fears just challenge to make you stronger. #fear #challenge