Everyone have it, but not everyone show it. A lot of people think it’s a bad feeling.

Explosion of Tranquility

It’s a feeling, and like with every feeling, it depend on situation. If you feel it to everyone or everything, probably you need a therapist. If you feel it, when something or someone make you angry, it depend on situation. But anyway, it’s not bad or good - it’s just a fact. And if your child show anger, definitely do not need to say, that no one will love him/her, if he/she show anger again. Better think, why your child show anger, in a first place, and maybe he/she really have a reason to do so and maybe this reason in your behavior or your another child. Never judge, before you know a real reason. I respect feelings, that every person have or show. But, if someone, close to me, show anger, I definitely will find out why. Most of the people in grown-up life strangers in the beginning. The most close people, at the moment of meeting, do not know each over. Even newborn child a stranger for his/her parents at the moment of birth.


Of course, there is cases with anger, like psychological problem, but that cases for psychologists. I am talking about anger, what happened to feel everyone, during a lifetime. Some people, more stronger, than others. Women like, sometimes, broke some dishes, for more effect and better understanding of their point. So, is it good or bad - actually neither. Feelings can not be good or bad in general. Everything depend on situation and person, who feel it. Anger probably more often associated with bad or even evil feeling, but it’s just a feeling. Yes, it can confuse and make uncomfortable another people, but actually, any expression of feelings publicly, usually make people uncomfortable, with anger, probably, plus scary.

In my observations, grow-up people, usually, show anger to close people. Publicly very rare, and in this rare cases, most of them, under influence of alcohol. So, what I think about it and why this happened in general. Of course, not resolved problems, but every situation up to you, what to do with it, be angry or resolve them.

Thinking loudly

There is another anger - deep one, more difficult to deal with, usually to parents or siblings, to that one, who was with you, from the beginning. Who probably offended you or did it more, than once. If you have this anger, something definitely was wrong in your childhood. But there is a bright side, you are grow-up already, so, did you allow them to destroy, not just your childhood, but your life in present too. Or, you realized, what now you can choose. And your life depend only on you and close people, chosen by you. And you can be angry, on that people, from your childhood, or you can be happy, in you present, grown-up life with people, that you choose and in life, that you build. So, in this case, that you choose anger or happiness? #anger